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Cupcake Cult


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Join the Cupcake Cult and transport yourself to an alternate universe where the angelic & innocent are warped, twisted and tortured. The appearance and attitude that makes them loveable is taken away and replaced with a darker side that you’ll feel much more comfortable with. We have a thing for un-dead unicorns and we get our kicks out of swarming bats and nefarious kitty’s. Prepare your eyes for fun & bright colours as we contrast the cute with the evil, the good vs bad. We playfully distort the cute and cuddly with broken hearts, oversized knives and sharpened claws to reveal skulls & bone. The adventures of the Cupcake Cult are broadcast for all to see on graphic t-shirts & vests, colourful patterned dresses and skirts tell a darker story closer up, varsity jackets are packed with detail and colour and hoodies have eyes, ears and extra detail added to bring them to life.