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Heartless fashion is dark with a sense of humour – we have jackets, tops, skirts, dresses and trousers kitted out with our signature design features to satisfy your gothic needs. Our colour palette is a combination of dark vs bright, unexpected colours here and there, adding a refreshing touch of something different to your wardrobe. Bang on with the alternative trends, Heartless knows what’s in! Many of our pieces are inspired by the dark and mysterious: think witchcraft, spells and all things occult – nothing is ordinary here! For a look that is rebellious yet stylish, check out our dresses and hoodies adorned with PVC, Pentagrams and even detachable purses. Or for an everyday piece, that is casual yet full of attitude, have a look at our distressed clothing; this understated style makes these pieces easy to pair with anything for a day away from the spellbook. Step away from the potions for a moment and check out our asylum range; half black, half red, is a quirky way to add a splash of colour into your look. And with a jacket, trousers, shorts, skirt and headband to choose from you can create an outfit that borders on the insane! We contrast our dark side with mischievous graphic designs; look out for our varsity jackets, tops and sweatshirts packed with prints and patches inspired by the dark crafts. Check out our harnesses and jackets enhanced with corset details, buckles and spike studs – To create a bit of an edge to your otherwise playful wardrobe Heartless clothing calls to all witches and wiccans alike, giving you designs with a rebellious edge for those who like to wear their magic. With our wide range of garments, putting together an entire outfit is easy. And with our designs ranging from casual clothing,, to dressed up outfits– there’s something to suit every coven.